Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June News

The Universal Uniques are coming out this month. For those that remember the Haiti beads, they are basically Haiti beads without the Haiti. For newbies, they are OOAK glass Trollbeads that sport a larger silver core size so that they can fit on competing brand bracelets, like Pandora, Chamilia etc etc. So now is your chance to get some Troll onto the bracelets of all of your misguided friends, relatives, and co-workers who might be clinging onto their non-troll ways. ;)

Opinions are divided on the larger core size. Larger core can mean larger glass size, and for some collectors the smaller core size of Troll is one of it's endearing hallmarks. For Troll's marketshare, it may open up opportunities to creep onto the wrists of new customers. And most of us know that once you have Troll glass you really can't go back to the other brands. Clever of them, and if you think it isn't clever then you still have the option of staying with your small core beads.

Sometime in June the next World Tour release will come out, this time featuring Switzerland. I have not come across any sneak peaks, leaks, or rumors about what they might be. I'm sure The Baltic States release will be a hard act to follow.

One last tidbit: has a special running this week on Trollbeads. Check out their website & log-in to see the details.

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