Friday, May 27, 2011

Quick Update: Shopping Tips

Where to buy the Baltic World Tour
1) - be quick, they usually have Ltd stock

2) - This is a Lithuanian dealer, they offer Paypal and people have received good service from them so far. Prices perhaps a little better than D4E.
3) - You can buy all of the World Tour beads here, not an authorized seller but very reputable and prices on the WT are close to original pricing.

Diamond Flower Kits
People are recommending shopping for these in person if you can as sizes, colors, & widths vary greatly. The Violet Flower & Desert Flower beads seem to be the most popular & are selling more quickly, so buy sooner than later if you are after one of these. At Glass 2 pricing they will have you scraping the pennies out of your couch I am sure. But they are gorgeous, and well worth it if you like some sparkle as I do ;)

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