Saturday, October 17, 2009

Unoffical To-Be-Retired List

I've argued in my head whether to post all of this list, some, some cryptic photos, or ? In a way, it's nice to have newbies & ebay prospectors earn their Troll information and keep these lovely secrets for the seasoned trollies. But this list has been widely circulated and it is UNCONFIRMED. Keep that in mind!

So here is the unofficial list of retirements rumored to happen in January 2010. With all of the exciting recent releases (Autumn, Breast Cancer Ltd Edition, China Ltd Edition) and the upcoming Christmas release (usually in November), I'm guessing there won't be much opportunity for anyone to buy up all the maybe retireds for resale. So here's your chance to pick up any must haves on your wishlist before then, or help you budget & prioritize your beadlist.

Glass: Red Bubbles, Twisted Bud, Lilac shadow, Polka dot, Orange armadillo, Red shadow, Lilac Edge, Mardi gras, Green flower, Green eye bead, Blue Flower bud, Stripe of fashion, Summer bud, Circus, Lime, Double flower, Banana, Red Berry, Rod, Elton, Carly, Dolly, Freddie and Abba

Silver & Glass: King & Queen

Locks: Mexico (assuming both silver & gold)

Gold: Ladybug & Scarab

Silver & Stone beads: Pearl Drops (Black, Pink, & White), All of the Zodiac star beads

Silvers: Aztec, Tower, Five Faces, Castle, Pentanque, Angles Tip, Triangles, Frogs, Cactus, Hippopotamus, Duckling, Tupilak Big, Tupilak Mouth, Flounder, Bee on Hive, Sparrow, Neither Fish nor Bird Big, Eight Faces, Chat, Elf Bead, Polar Bear, & Rhinoceros.

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