Friday, October 16, 2009

Ltd Edition China Release & Other news...

Today the Ltd Edition China release officially came out. There is a short description of it on - (tip: click on the link in the paragraph to see bead names & descriptions) the beads will only be available in local shops or on-line to die-hard trollies who know where to look.

Fable Trading in the UK will only be selling them as an entire bracelet with the 10 silvers and 10 Jaspers. 500 will be sold and will include a silver Scroll bead with the number on it. This will definately push the UK people to shop on-line in countries like Germany & Denmark where they are selling the individual beads. My advice, due to this, is to shop early if you are planning on buying only a few of the silvers or Jades.

You can view the beads on line at
. The Jades are brilliant in color while also offering some more muted tones. The silvers names, losely translated from German, are as follows: Silkworm, Dragon, Wall of China, Birds & Flowers, Clouds & Flowers, Dragon & Phoenix, Symbol of Eternity, White Snake, Deer-Rabbit-Bird, Pig-Chick-Badger. The stories & mythological inspiration have not been widely published yet. Some distributors will hopefully have a brochure for us to browse.

Now, for those in the US & Canada, Lund (or Trendy Group) has not released any official info yet, whilst those in Germany & Netherlands are happily shopping in store already, and the UK gals already know they need to look elsewhere unless they want to splurge on the entire set. Lund, hopefully, will release details to the dealers today. Sometimes I wish they would attend TB Kindergarten (instead of TB University) and learn how to expediate release information. True collectors, are already securing the new beads through online options, meaning by the time the beads slowly roll into North America, potential Lund profits have already migrated out of country. UPDATE: Unofficial info is that the North American release of these beads will not be until early November. No word on if they are selling in sets or individually.

Retirements - I will be posting a bit more about this soon. For now I will report that the Retro Kit, and certain beads of the Winter Kit, & Summer Kits are rumoured to be on the chopping block.

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