Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rebuttal on OOAK pricing

A rebuttal, of sorts, was posted regarding my opinions on pricing of OOAK beads in the US. Here is the link for the curious. Everyone is free to post comments on here too using the comment link. I welcome open discussion & debate, as my uncensored title indicates.

I still stand by my opinion on pricing. The majority of sellers in Germany, Denmark, UK, and Netherlands maintain the suggested retail pricing of OOAKs irregardless of perceived beauty and they have sold OOAKs for many years and continue to do so, online & in store. If they can manage it, then others can too. Indeed I myself have about 125 OOAK beads purchased from overseas at regular Glass 1 pricing in their respective countries, and many of them are very desirable colors & patterns, dillos, scales, waves etc. I have none of the "old style uglies". So it is very possible for the average collector to obtain them without paying a premium.


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